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Our environment is unique

The need to take care of our environment is fundamental and priority to private benefits. For this reason we propose completely harmless systems for our environment.

Our sustainable policy is not based on producing materials or chemicals that can only be recycled.


We design, develop and manufacture tools with a useful life up to six * times that of common tools. In the same way, its recycling by combustion does not emit lead, cadmium or mercury residues.


Our chemistry is totally respectful with the environment and we reduce the use of plastic materials.



We believe in the reduction of waste for environmental improvement and not in the application of systems to alleviate it. The preventive attitude is the guarantee for the care of our environment.



Ecobac has the full range for urban tasks in terms of chemistry, tools or machinery, such as industrial vehicles, sweepers ... etc.



* According to tests carried out by our quality department and compared with leading brands in the international market.

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