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The art of the sea

The art of the sea requires special processes and, in measure, manual treatment. The treatment chains are very diverse and it is an industry in which artisanal systems are maintained to a great extent. The treatment of the raw material is based on the totality of operations carried out throughout the chain. Ecobac is involved from the beginning with natural systems of maintenance of the raw material, with the generation of ozone, in various applications. as well as the range of chemicals and necessary tools in the processes of HA to guarantee the excellence of the raw material and the Food Safety.


Our Department of L & D and Biological control is responsible for advising on all specific procedures according to the systems used by our customers.

  1. Prolong the useful life of the raw material with natural means absent of chemicals.

  2. Use of environmentally friendly chemicals.

  3. Reduction of the reduction in production and savings in the use of chemicals.

  4. Removal of additives for water treatment.

  5. Elimination of oxidation in HACCP tools..

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