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Cutting boards HAPPC Profboard

Professional PROFBOARD, the latest in cutting boards, which guarantees job satisfaction for many years

Profboard professional is designed for kitchen professionals and food enthusiasts in general.
We only use the best raw materials in production and we do not make concessions with quality. Professional Profboard is 100% manufactured in Denmark, and thanks to automated CNC machines, we guarantee a highly homogenous quality. Our confidence in the quality of the components is such that we offer a 5-year guarantee for the base table and the steel parts. Profboard professional can be extended with supplementary accessories, including the Carving Table and Chopping Board.
All professional Profboard materials are authorized for food use and can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.


Profboard is approved by the D.G.S. for food use (R.D. 319/1984).
Meets all approved regulations for plastic materials in contact with food, including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), for contact with food products, described in the CFR (Code of Federel Regulations) Title 21, section 177.1520 (c) and the requirements defined by the directives of the EEC (European Community) on plastic materials for food contact, Directive 2002/72 / EC of 06 August 2002 and its updates.

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