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Sanitary - Hospitals

The sanitary environments are the most exposed to the risk of cross-contamination due to the presence of conditions that favor the proliferation and diffusion of pathogenic microorganisms. In order to reduce or eliminate the possibility of infections, it is necessary that the environmental surfaces and the equipment with which the patient is exposed in contact are subjected to rigorous cleaning and disinfection procedures, according to the correct modalities and frequency.

Specifically ecobac offers products for hospital cleaning and disinfection (inpatient units, operating rooms, rooms, bathrooms, rooms and all sanitary environments)

Our products for hospital disinfection allow the elimination of superficial and deepest dirt in order to eliminate bacteria and pathogenic viruses and guarantee the perfect sterilization of the environment.

Ancla 1

Ecobac has developed the concept of continuous disinfection, Sanibac Pro Gel ... When every time we clean during the day we also disinfect.

Innovative mobility system developed for hospitals with anti-bacterial additives in pvc injection. This slows bacterial growth ...

We created a disinfectant gel without special rinse since it is not based on isopropyl formulations, unlike the traditional ones. Disinfection and softness 

The use of specific tools in the

health environment becomes

fundamental. ecobac designs, manufactures and comercilize a range...

The use of non-woven textile materials in the sanitary field improves the control of the propagation in the daily processes of cleaning and maintenance of ...

We take care of every detail in the quality we manufacture, our celluloses are processed under controlled quality systems and attach FT, as well as UNE...

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