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ecobac offers the best selection of cleaning equipment,

indicated to treat each type of dirt in all environments.
ecobac produces and sells utensils for cleaning bars,

restaurants, stores, companies, industries,

private and public places ...


The equipment for cleaning is part of the support of the operator,

which represents its main working instrument;

the tools that allow you to face and solve all

the issues related to the removal of dirt,

Good management of order and cleanliness of environments.
Therefore, in the field of a professional operator, they can not

absolutely missing an assortment of cleaning equipment that

includes microfibre mops, handles, supports, window cleaners,

scrapers, buckets and presses, multipurpose carts, containers, wipes and abrasive fibers, telescopic handles, containers for selective collection ...

ecobac designs the service cart according to your needs and applications together with your customers, to provide the necessary tool and maximize its use.

Ecobac has developed the concept of continuous disinfection, Sanibac Pro Gel ... when every time we clean during the day we also disinfect.

The reduction of packaging, consumption and improve the application in the systems of industrial washing in kitchen, has been one of our objectives when creating ...

We created a specific dishwasher soap for the gastro sector, with notable qualities in its degreasing action and a peculiar speed of rinsing ...

Hand hygiene is fundamental and primary for the control of contamination in the kitchen. Ecobac creates the perfect system for hand washing and disinfection ...

Safety in the workplace is vital, ecobac provides the solution to this problem in a definitive way with a single application treatment ...

Specific solutions to unique problems without major changes in their R & D protocols or complicated application systems ...

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