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Ecobac dishwashers

One of the most important parts of a restaurant is the tableware, as it is presented directly to the customers. For this reason, its cleaning must be perfect, bright, shiny and without residuals of any kind.

Evomatic system

Evomatic and Evomatic Cristal

We have created the system that allows improving the deficiendcias of traditional systems.


Calcareous residuals

Exact dilution to your needs

We reduce the storage in all its process with the reduction of costs that this implies.

We improve the results on the effectiveness to dilute the lime of the water.

We apply an externally controlled pump system with a remote control, so that the customer regulates the consumption based on the effectiveness of his dishwasher equipment.

Ancla 1

Deva Dinnerware

A dishwasher created from scratch with completely new and updated bases to the needs of the kitchen nowadays.

With a light lime aroma and great degreasing power, conjugated with a surprising rinsing capacity. This gives comfort and water savings in the rinsing processes, as well as the absence of chemical residues in the dishes.

Ancla 2
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