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Ecobac designs, develops and manufactures two bag systems for use in the food industry. The vacuum system, Vacsanit for use in raw material packaging with total safety and compliance with the regulations related to HA. And the specific cooking system, Ecoflex, guarantees its stability at temperatures higher than vacuum systems. Our vacuum systems are guaranteed and certified according to current regulations for the intended use.


Vacsanit bags are made of a laminated material, Bioriented Polyamide of intermediate strength and with a good barrier effect.

This makes them suitable for packaging soft products, such as cheese, pre-cooked products or confectionery products, and keeping them for a long period of time.


* Special bag to cook inside *
Ecobac cooking bags are made with our ecoflex material.

This material, laminated with Bioriented Polyamide, has high breaking strength and high barrier effect, allowing to preserve food products of medium hardness for long periods of time.

In this material, polyethylene, present in other types of materials for vacuum packaging, has been replaced by polypropylene. Thus the bag resists the high temperatures necessary to cook the food inside.

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