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The spaces in which animals are treated, such as veterinary clinics, must be perfectly sanitized, that is, their cleaning and disinfection must be exhaustive to eliminate any parasites, germs, bacteria, fungi or viruses that may remain in the environment when a sick animal enters the clinic.


Biosecurity is essential in this type of space, which is why all animal fluids are considered infectious, so precautions and measures must be taken to prevent the transmission of diseases of the different animals that pass through the clinic on a daily basis.

Ecobac, supplies the needs in this field and provides the necessary help in the creation of biosafety programs for its clients. Our work and that of our distributors is aimed at providing the necessary tools and training to our clients, in order to obtain maximum efficiency in their security and bioprotection protocols.

Ecobac has developed the concept of continuous disinfection, Sanibac Pro Gel ... when every time we clean during the day we also disinfect.

The most important application in control

of contamination within the protocols

health and veterinary, is in our

hands for this reason ecobac ...

The use of specific tools in the

food environment becomes

fundamental. ecobac designs, manufactures and  sell a wide range...

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We study the systems in which there is direct contact with food to improve food safety, creating improvements in the systems ...

The use of adequate tools

in veterinary medicine it is a necessity that we understand and implant in our development, Sanit wipes ...

The control of areas in the environment and the use of the technological O3 in waters is an essential ally in the control of infections in zoological centers ...

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